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Frequently Asked Questions

Index of frequently asked questions:

How do I apply?

  • To apply, first pick out equipment we have available for loan to see what you'd like to borrow. To find equipment, click the big red "I Need Equipment" button on the homepage of our website. You can then browse equipment you might like to borrow. When you first add something to your cart, you'll be asked for your zip code so we can confirm you are in our service area. Once you've selected the items you'd like to borrow, proceed to checkout with your order. You'll then be asked to create an account with a verified email address, and then the system will walk you through the forms to fill out to borrow free equipment.
  • On the application you will need the contact information, including addresses and phone numbers for 3 separate individuals as part of this application: The Client, The Cosigner and one additional Contact Person as reference (not same address with the client).
  • The client must live within the Greater San Gabriel Valley, while the Co-Signer must live within Los Angeles County.
  • Once the application is submitted online, CAS staff will review it, and once it's approved, you'll receive a message asking you to make an appointment to pick up your items.
  • When you arrive to our Pasadena office, our staff will assist you via CURBSIDE SERVICE at the parking area located behind Convalescent Aid Society’s building.

What are the full requirements to apply?

Proof of Residency

Proof of residency documents from the Client and Cosigner is required.


  • A valid ID (State Driver’s license, State Identification Card, or Passport)
  • Proof of residency verification: (Must provide 1 of 2 options listed below)
  • Current utility bill (Electric, Gas, Water, or Trash)
    Current lease/rental agreement or mortgage/property tax statement.


  • A valid ID (State Driver’s license, State Identification Card, or Passport)

Senior Housing / Facility Resident Requirements

  1. Facility Letter (letter head) stating client residency and equipment responsibility.
  2. FORM 115 (Facility Residency Equipment Loan Agreement)
  3. Valid ID
  4. Email document to

This seems too good to be true! How does CAS work?

  • CAS relies on donations of gently used Durable Medical Equipment (hyperlink to available items) which are then sanitized (picture of Hub Scrub) and repaired when needed (picture of repair guys)
  • Although every item is loaned free of charge, clients and their families often make small contributions to support us
  • CAS is a 501 (c) 3 and receives support from private foundations; These grants can range from several hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Without these generous organizations, CAS would not be able to serve so many people for free!

Used medical equipment? How do you ensure that items are clean?

  • Every piece is sanitized using state-of-the-art equipment. CAS has two Hub Scrub machines which are large, industrial autoclaves
  • These machines are often found in hospitals because they are efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly
  • You can read more about the process if you are interested here: (link to Hub Scrub page) but this is the gold standard of medical equipment sanitization

Why shouldn’t I just pick something up at a garage sale or second-hand shop?

  • You can! But you should be aware that used items may not be safe for a myriad of reasons. Our staff is trained to repair items to ensure that every piece we send home will work for years without incident if cared for properly.
  • Also…the sanitization thing.

I like the idea of free stuff, but why shouldn't I just purchase what I need?

  • Of course you can do that and if you do, please donate it to us when you are done with it! (Hyperlink to remote donation site map)
  • You can buy new items from us too (hyperlink to CAS store)
  • Some people choose CAS because we hel: 30 years ago the NY TIMES reported that 2,000,000 tons of Medical waste made it to US landfills; CAS helps the environment by reusing items that were designed to last for years!
  • Reusable viable equipment reduces the: Transportation, Manufacture

My doctor/insurance company/Medicare told me I don’t qualify for something I think I need

  • That’s ok! As long as you live in our service area (link) and meet our eligibility requirement (link) we’ll be glad to help!

Is there an age requirement?

  • No, we serve clients of all ages.

Are there ever any charges or service fees?

  • The client will never be charged for using our durable medical equipment. We loan hospital beds free of charge but the mattresses are not included. However, you may purchase the mattress from CAS. Delivery is available for hospital beds and mattresses. The delivery fee is based on the distance from our office. A handling fee and/or service fee may apply.

What is your refund policy?

  • As stated above, we don't charge for loan of durable medical equipment. But if you pay for delivery of a hospital bed, or optionally buy an item we don't loan (such as a mattress), then please note that if you decide you don't need the item before it is delivered, a refund can be issued, but there is a 15% restocking fee charge.

Is there anything that you do not lend?

  • We do not lend disposable equipment (such as diapers, bed pads, etc.), only durable equipment (meaning reusable).

Do you accept donations of gently used medical equipment?

  • Yes! The equipment we accept must be durable equipment, not disposable. Also, please note that the equipment must be in working condition (or easily repaired).

How can I support the work of Convalescent Aid Society?

  • You can click on donations on our website or you can write a check for any amount and mail it to our office.
  • You can donate used medical equipment.
  • You can volunteer your time.
  • You can give a gift of stock or include Convalescent Aid Society in your estate plan.
  • Or call Mark Waterson at (626) 793-1696 to discuss your questions.
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