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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

As a volunteer for Convalescent Aid Society, you are important to our effort to serve the community.

Time Commitment

One year is divided into four quarters. We ask all volunteers to commit to one quarter at a time. Typically, volunteer shifts are 3-4 hours long with a commitment to a least one day a week. Currently, we ask that the volunteers work no more than eight hours a week, unless given permission by management.

What CAS expects from you as a volunteer?

  • To bring a positive attitude
  • To be honest and trustworthy
  • ‚ÄčTo be reliable
  • To respect the confidentiality of all information regarding CAS clients and donors
  • To share your suggestions on how we may improve our programs

What you can expect from CAS?

  • To be treated professionally, with courtesy and respect
  • To treated as a valued member of CAS team
  • To receive the appropriate training, feedback and supervision
  • To work in an atmosphere that is friendly and cooperative
  • To be trusted with the necessary resources and information to do your duties

Volunteer Assignments

Customer Service

  • Answer and direct incoming phone calls
  • Assist new clients completing the iPad applications
  • Make 6-month follow-up phone calls to clients who have items on loan.
  • Enter relevant information in our database.
  • Process equipment being returned
  • Accept donations and provide donation receipts
  • Translate CAS literature into other languages
  • Keep literature displays well stocked with brochures and fact sheets

Community Outreach

  • Represent CAS at health fairs
  • Provide CAS literature to libraries, retirement communities, senior centers, hospitals, medical groups, etc.


  • Clean and repair durable medical equipment
  • Assist clients who are borrowing or returning equipment
  • Assist customer service staff in locating equipment ready to loan
  • Help keep warehouse neat and orderly

Administrative Services

  • Office filing for Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinators
  • Write and/or proof-read correspondence
  • Send sympathy cards to recently-deceased clients
  • Provide reports requested by staff using Excel spreadsheets

FileMaker Pro Database

  • Find and merge duplicate client files
  • Correct errors in capitalization, spelling and punctuation
  • Fix other errors (fields with missing data, incorrect addresses and zip codes, etc.)


  • Organize historical documents
  • Scan historical documents
  • Organize original material in acid-free archival files.
  • Special projects to be determined

Volunteers for the Annual Event

Planning and Preparation

Volunteers are needed for the following jobs prior to the annual event:

  • Soliciting restaurants for food donations
  • Soliciting for opportunity drawing donations
  • Recruiting and training volunteers for the day of the annual event
  • Keeping track of tickets sold to individuals
  • Connecting with sponsors to add their guests to the ticket list
  • Assisting with gathering items for the day of event

Annual Event Day

Volunteers are needed for the following jobs on the day of the event

Set Up

  • Put out parking signs, sponsor and food posters, and directional signs
  • Prepare the check in area with lists of attendees, checkboards, opportunity and menu cards, nametags and pens
  • Prepare the opportunity drawing area with opportunity drawing items and boxes for tickets
  • Prepare the music/program area with microphone and amp
  • Put the Digital program in a player on site or set up a player for the digital program


  • Direct traffic to the parking site and into a parking spot
  • Direct attendees to the site of the Annual Event


  • Stand near the entrance to the site
  • Greet attendees as they come to the site
  • Direct them to the check in tablet

Check in

  • Check off attendees on the list as they come in
  • Hand them an opportunity drawing/menu card
  • Show them where they can fill out a name tag
  • Answer question
  • Hand lists to Deborah at the end of the evening

Opportunity Drawing

  • Circulate around the party selling tickets for the Opportunity Drawing
  • Put half of the ticket in a corresponding box
  • Answer questions and sell tickets at the Opportunity Drawing table
  • Assist with the distribution of opportunity drawing items at the end of the evening
  • Give all forms to Deborah Lewis


  • Watch for people who raise their hand during the program
  • Take the pledge form to them
  • Take their donation on the square or take the pledge form
  • Give all forms to Deborah Lewis

Clean Up

  • Gather all materials that were put out for the event: signs, checkboards, cards, opportunity drawing boxes and tickets, microphone and amp
  • Gather plates, cups and extra food and take it into the kitchen
  • Fold table cloths, fold and stack tables, and take down the bar
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